Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday's Little Things

A great workout
The taste and sound of a crisp apple
Hearing the words,"I love you" from my seven year old
Reconecting with an old friend
Soft fuzzy socks
The smell of citrus
These are just of few of the little things that are on my mind and I love and appreciate so much!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Tonight myself, Taesha, Jordan, and Josh went to the Flash basketball game with my neighbor and her kids.  What a fun night it was.  It kindof makes me laugh though because it was never really about the game, Taesha was just focused in on the hot looking guys playing ball and taking fun pics, Jordan was all about playing with his big bro's Iphone and Josh was all about the treats....well and me, I just love people watching, it is so intriging and entertaining.  We all had a great time and it was fun to be with good nieghbors, we love spending time with them.  Great way to spend a Saturday night, goodnight!

Friday, January 21, 2011

the little things....

Today I tried to add a link to "the little things" my neice started and I couldn't get it to work so until I can get it figured out I will just try to do this on my own each Thursday.  So the little things that warm my heart...
a visit from my sister, listening to my great nephew tell me about movie characters that I dont know, cuddles from my dog Fritz, warm carpet on my feet from the sun rays through the window, learning that my Mom and Dad are coming home!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Hair

Well I am here today to ask for your comments and advice on such a topic as my hair.  So I really want to cut my hair but my husband hates short hair and I have been growing it out for him for about 6 years but I hate it sooooo bad and I really need a change.  It takes so much effort, time, and money to keep up such long hair and its so much funner and easier to have funky hair when its shorter,  I love funky hair!  I dont want to make my husband mad or have him gag at the site of me so what do I do????  Please help me, I really want to put myself first here but its so hard.....

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crazy me!

Ok so I have been procrastinating this post for a while because I was not sure what I wanted to say. I am trying to express my feelings and thoughts in a way that is helpful to myself but does not make me vulnerable. I've decided that if I am honest then that is not possible so here it goes, honesty it is. Another new year and contemplating what my goals will be for 2011 is a bit overwhelming, I am so tired of the weight loss goal that just haunts me over and over. I loose weight then I gain it back then I loose it then I gain it and it just goes on and on and makes me crazy! I just want to be healthy again and like myself and my image again because these two things conflict my whole life and everything about it! I am tired of feeling like I am out of control in my life and that someone else is driving me through my journey of life instead of me. I guess I really need to make my new goals about me and finding how to put my needs first in life so I can be better for others in my life, this is hard for me because when I do this I feel guilty and when I don't then I resent others. I sound so messed up I know and I probably am but writing my thoughts down I hope is the first step in my journey to reclaim my life and find myself again. I am going to try and record my thoughts throughout my journey and maybe it will help me face my fears and commit to my feelings better so I can work on them and fix me! Well I did it, here is to my journey in 2011, I hope it works and I reach my destination this year. Good luck to me!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Still learning!

Ok friends and family, I am trying to get into the Christmas spirit on my blog but I do not know how to move and navigate items on my page the way I would like so please just bear with me, I am trying my best and learning by trial and error.
Today was a very great day at church, my heart was touched by so many testamonies. I feel so lucky to be a part of such an amazing ward amongst so many strong people. Today a little girl maybe three years old got up and said with such confidence,"I know the Savior died for me" she melted my heart and I was so greatful for her little spirit. I was also touched by this teenage boy who made a goal last January to share his testamony every month at testamony meeting and looking back at the past year and realizing how his example has affected many people in our ward. Through him he has influenced his leaders and his peers to share their testamonies and also as the year progressed his two little sisters have followed in his footsteps in sharing their testamonies. I am so greatful for strong youth like him who are such an example to me in my life, what a great missionary he will be! Another man in our ward got up and shared his testamony today and it was such a tender moement because when he and his family first moved in our ward he never even came to church and now he is a primary teacher and he shared his testamony for the first time ever today, it was so cool to see how he and his family has grown over time. I am so greatful for the gospel in my life and the strenghth I feel from it everyday, I just cant imagine my life without it and I am so glad I dont need to.
Today was another milestone in my life because it was the first time my son passed the sacrament in church and it I felt like I was floating on air I was so proud of him! It is so cool to have another priesthood holder in our home and I hope Jordan will always treasure that blessing and honor that privilege in his life.
Yesterday I took my two daughters shopping for Chrismas because it is hard to surprise them now that they are teenagers or to get things that fit properly, any how they were such troopers to try on anything I gave them and after 3 hours when we went to make some purchases and check out my debit card for some reason was declined. I was so stressed out and disapointed that this was happening to me but my girls were so positive and didnt even get mad or upset. I really felt bad but I was so greatful for my girls who were understanding and helped me to lighten up, thankyou Taesha and Lindsey you are such good examples to me. I love you!
I am so thankful for all my kids and I love them all so much, I love it when they teach me so much. Megan that means you too, you are missed and you are a great example to me too.
Well I geuss this has turned into such a long blog post but its been a while so I hope I didnt bore you all. My heart is filled with so much gratitude and I just needed to express it! Merry Christmas to all and enjoy the season!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Herold the Hero!

Today I just want to share my thoughts about a great person. Harold Huber, what a great man. He is such a funny, kind and silly person who really knew how to enjoy life, he was always smiling and seemed like he was always doing something for someone else. I knew this man as a teenager and I remember thinking what a cute couple he and his wife were, and the two of them loved Halloween which automatically made it on the cool list for me. I spent some time in their home babysitting and being around the whole family and they were always laughing and having fun. I went to youth conferences and ward activities and Harold always made things so much funner. He was such a goofy man in such a cool kind of way. Harold was also such a sincere sentimental person and I always loved it when he shared his testamony of the gospel because I could always feel the spirit so strong. It was a sad day when Herald and his family moved out of the Lindon first ward because I knew when ever I came home to visit they would not be there, I would not see how they all grew up(even though I believe the Huber clan will always be kids at heart)and how theyre lives changed. Now many many years have gone by and a few months ago I discovered Yo and Herald on facebook, I was so excited to connect with them and read about how theyre family had grown. I havnt been the best at corraspondance but it has been fun to read about Yo and Herald's busy life and house remodeling and grandkids and ward activities and vacations and such and once again now that I am an adult I am still inspired by them. Two people I dearly love and respect. This week I was hit by a bombshell that I didnt really think would have such an effect on me but it did. I discovered Herald has gone on to do a greater work for our Father in Heaven and even though I know this is the way the Lords plan works and I know Herald will be amazing at what ever the Lord needs him for it has hit me like a brick wall. I wish I would have told him what an amazing person I thought he was and how he had such an impact on me in my youth, I wish I would have told him I thought his remodel projects looked awesome and I wish I would have wrote and told him and Yo how much I love them and how happy I was to be in touch with them again but I didnt. It's been a tough week but I wanted to write this in his honor and challenge myself to do better, tell those people I love and appreciate and try harder to follow their good examples. I love you Yolinda and John,Lanore, and Ryan and all my heart and prayers are with you. Thankyou all for sharing your husband and Dad with so many people through the years, he will be missed dearly. I am so thankful for the Lords plan so we can see him again.